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If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking using a pipe, bong, bowl, or rolled blunt, you should consider if vapes and cartridges are right for you. A vape, or vaporizer, is a device that’s usually meant for a single use or can be recharged for ongoing use. It heats cannabis so you can smoke it, but doesn’t require an open flame. Instead, you simply turn it on and inhale from the mouthpiece in order to smoke. Cartridges are pre-filled with cannabis oil and are used with a refillable vape. The great thing about cartridges is you can choose a variety of different strains and flavors, but smoke them using the same refillable vape. It’s a fun and easy way to mix up your flavors and strains whenever you want.

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There are a few different ways a vaporizer can work to heat the cannabis, allowing it to be smoked. The first method is through conduction, which heats the cannabis from within a contained device. There’s usually some conductor like a piece of metal or ceramic that helps create a high temperature, activating the marijuana cartridge within its chamber. Alternatively, a vape can use convection to heat the air around the cartridge rather than heating it directly. Simply Pure offers an awesome selection of vapes, including a variety for single-use and multi-use. Our return customers can also enjoy special pricing with our loyalty program. It doesn’t matter if you want an indica, sativa, or a hybrid of both – we have what you’re looking for and can’t wait to show you!

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