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Marijuana Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are a great way to smoke cannabis and come in several different varieties. Many people refer to a “doobie” as a pre-roll using standard rolling paper, either made from hemp, rice, or some other natural material. They can also be dipped in oil to enhance the flavor and experience. You can wrap joints with kief, another name for cannabis ground and sieved into a fine powder, or you can add a mixture of cannabis and tobacco to create a spliff. The beauty of pre-rolls is like the name suggests, they come already rolled so that you don’t have to go through the extra trouble of doing it yourself.

Quality Pre-Rolls Made With Bud You’ll Love

Our pre-rolls come in many different options and flavors so you’ll get the perfect combination of flavor, cannabis strain, and rolling paper to suit your needs perfectly. There’s no need to buy the paper, flower, and oil separately because it is all rolled, packaged, and ready to take with you wherever you go. Compared to edibles, you’ll notice the effects of smoking quicker, but it will be less intense. You can share it, keep it all for yourself, and use it on the go without the hassle of a bong or pipe. Simply Pure offers the best pre-roll options for your taste at a price you’ll love, browse our full catalog to learn more.

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