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Social Equity and Great Cannabis from TerrAscend

On the east coast, you can find them in Lancaster, Thorndale, Plymouth Meeting, Phillipsburg, and Maplewood. They’ve continued to expand their production in order to create consistent, high-quality cannabis products for consumers to enjoy all over the country. They manage 10 distinct brands specializing in cannabis, CBD extracts, vapes, cartridges, edibles, and more. The common thread is a focus on holistic wellness, best-in-class products, and placing a priority on social equity within the company. They tout world-class genetics, meaning they only grow the best plants for consumption.

Discover TerrAscend with Simply Pure

Our favorite brand within the TerrAscend catalog is Gage, which is sold at Cookies retailers. With fun branding, excellent quality, and tons of variety, it was a no-brainer to offer these products in the Simply Pure store. Cookies is one of the best-known brands in the country for delivering over 150 proprietary cannabis products to retailers nationwide. Some examples of fun flavors include the Orangutan Joint pre-roll, London Pound Cake vape, Margarita Bar flower, and Fish Scale gummies. Their products have a near-perfect 5-star review, with comments like “I’m a regular smoker and this definitely did the job!” and “I’m honestly beyond thankful for the peace of mind this product has brought to our lives”. The recommendations speak for themselves, which is why we are a proud partner of TerrAscend products.

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