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Social Equity and Cannabis with Simply Pure

Now that medical and recreational cannabis is becoming legal in more areas of the United States, it’s increasingly important to prioritize social equity within the industry. Many communities were (and still are) negatively impacted by the prohibition of marijuana, and at a very disproportionate rate compared to other non-minority communities. The goal of social equity is to create equal opportunity for minority communities to benefit from the legalization of marijuana. To do this, it is our duty to hire employees and offer opportunities to people of all races, especially those who have been marginalized due to the war on drugs. Individuals that qualify can receive a social equity license, which grants priority consideration for jobs, reduced job application fees, technical assistance, and in some cases, low-interest loans.

We Are Working with Our Community

Another important part of social equity is judicial reform, which means passing laws and policies that promote the success of previously incarcerated individuals. These policies could include making it easier to secure housing, making education more accessible, and expunging previous cannabis-related “crimes” off of an individual’s record. It can also include re-investing a portion of taxes from cannabis sales into communities impacted by the criminalization of marijuana. By taking these positive steps, we hope to achieve long-term societal change. As a black-owned business, and the first minority-owned cannabis company in New Jersey, these values are of the utmost importance to Simply Pure. We live them every day and are not only committed to top quality cannabis products, but also to being a part of the change for good.

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