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Lesser known than other types of THC and CBD products, topicals are applied directly to the skin with the intention of relieving pain and adding moisture.  Usually, topicals contain CBD (Cannabidiol), which is the second chemical in cannabis that does not have psychoactive effects, but does have pain relieving and relaxing properties. When you combine CBD with other natural products, it creates a great mixture for healing dry skin, relieving the pain of sore muscles, or calming inflammation due to chronic illness. To find out more about our topicals, ask a budtenders to walk you through our selection.

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There are lots of other benefits of using topicals as well. For one, it’s often relaxing to massage them into the muscles and is a great stress reliever. Topicals have antioxidant properties, which promotes overall health, wellness, and supports a healthy immune system. Itchy, dry, burnt, patchy, or otherwise damaged skin can be healed with topicals over time. Some even report that it can help with symptoms of psoriasis and acne, which is great news for those who have suffered from these ailments and have not yet found any relief. Topicals are often mixed with other ingredients like essential oils, aloe, and shea to enhance the smell and lock in the moisture on your skin. There are plenty of ways to use them as well. You can purchase lotion, salve, massage oil, or body balm depending on what products you like best. Simply pure offers a huge selection of topicals that will perfectly suit your needs and help calm your skin.

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