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Those who enjoy using cannabis regularly often need to restock on supplies like rolling papers, lighters, and grinders. We have everything you may need in order to have the best high possible at Simply Pure. Hand pipes are one of the quickest ways to smoke flower. You start by grinding the flower into smaller pieces and packing the pipe into the bowl, light it and let the weed start to burn, then inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. To use a pipe, you’ll need flower, a grinder, the pipe itself, a lighter or matchsticks, and pipe cleaners once you’re finished to keep the piece in great condition. Some popular hand pipes include chillums, gandalfs, and steamrollers just to name a few. Chillums are small and easy to transport whereas gandalf mouthpieces are elongated so you are looking down at the bowl. Steamrollers have a large mouthpiece so you get much more smoke in a single inhale.

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Another popular accessory is a bong, which has been used for hundreds of years to smoke weed. They are usually larger than pipes, have a water filtration system, and therefore can give a better quality hit. They require a system for catching the ash and cleaning it out of the bong, a grinder, and often a carrying case or bag to keep it safe and clean when not in use. Bongs come in different shapes and materials to offer different experiences, like a beaker bong or tube bong. The different shapes will change the time it takes for the cannabis to heat up, but will also change the flavor, intensity, and overall experience. These are just a few different types of accessories we have available for you at Simply Pure, come in or visit online to see our full list of products.

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