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They begin with the cannabis growing operation, where they focus on combining new technologies with tried and true methodology to grow top-quality plants. From there, they manufacture and deliver consistently potent and fresh marijuana to their partners (like us). They own several brands that are sold in retail stores around the country, like Botanist, Superflux, and Prime. Acreage shares our passion for cannabis education and advocacy, which makes them an excellent partner to provide the best marijuana products possible to our customers.

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The Botanist paves the way for cannabis education and holistic wellness. They primarily focus on flower, vapes, and edibles whose main ingredients are plant-based and natural. The goal of Superflux is to honor the traditions and history of marijuana growing and manufacturing, but also evolve using the latest and greatest technologies. This is where you’ll find the best vapes, concentrates, and flower in any strain or flavor you may need. Lastly, Prime is focused on medical cannabis products that help those suffering from pain and illness find relief. This cannabis company has a heavy focus on healing and changing the world through cannabis. No matter what brand or product you choose when shopping with us, you’ll get great unbeatable quality and flavor. Acreage believes that by creating the best product possible, they can then give a great experience to their customers and improve their overall well-being.

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